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3 Weier: Biken

Wetter seit Wochen endlich wieder gut. Heute das zweite mal die Runde gefahren, sehr nice. Blick auf den Bodensee. I like. I like.

Ok, zugegebenermaßen sieht das ohne Höhenprofil ziemlich poplig aus :-)

I just found 15mbit

Allright. So I have been sitting in this hostel my employer provided me for the past four or five days – hardly any mobile reception and no internet. trying to get wlan access from other ppl living here…

well, I open my cupboard and find a router. plug it in and have a free 15mbit connection.

going to the English Garden now, enjoying Munichs sun and beer.

"Mr. Schmincky, your free to go!"

Heute morgen, 8:30, Gerichtsverhandlung Montgomery County Court of Clerks. Mr. Schmincky vs. the Town of Blacksburg; 44mph in a 25 zone. Case droped: Officer did not adjust radar.

har har :-)

Simons good ideas for websites

I am in this MBA E-Commerce and Web Applications course where we have to come up with fancy online business ideas, write business plans and develop the software for out small virtual companies.

Since I seem to talk a litle too much about weird business ideas, my groupmate googled the following link that I would like to share with you. Thank you Kristy, heres your very first personal blog entry. :-)