ARCHIVE ‘Blog Updates’

Playstation 3 – are you serious?

Ok, so I have been tracking the visitors on this blog for some years now, and from time to time I go through the logs to see where my users from from. I also analyze the browsers and operating systems to see what browsers I need to optimize my site for and if IE6 is still worth optimizing for.

All boring stuff. However, I just found out that Playstation 3 is the 6th most used operating system on my log. WTF?

9-11 remembrance #2

Another batch of 9-11 pictures.

Reinstalled my wordpress copy – the old version seemed to have some jquery bug that prevented picture posting. Promise to update more regularly now.. :-)

Hardly any image post processing.

First WordPress Widget

Aight. So Steve is talking about apps and how they change the world and stuff. Well, after developing websites for more than 10 years now I begin to like the ease of adding “apps” to existing systems. Be it iOS apps, Facebook Apps or WordPress Widgets. Still they have some flaws.

After my first Facebook App some weeks ago I just did my first WordPress Widget. A countdown until I go to Canada next year. With a micropayment system behind WordPress for plugin developers, I might jump in and do some coding here… At least its not as proprietary as fucking Facebook Markup Language and fucking Apple Iphone SDK. Thanks Steve and Marc.

Upgraded blog

Did some maintenance work at my blog.

– Included my twitter account to the top right. The feed will automatically be updated as soon as I post a tweet.

– Linked my twitter account to facebook. Therefore facebook updates will be displayed at the Twitter widget to the top right.

– Added a google maps API to the blog. Posts that are geo tagged will automatically show a map of the place of the post. Above the small map you can see a map of all the posts with a geo ta

Cheers. Pure 1337nes.