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It is great to be back in Europe

I am back in Europe. What a wonderful time. I am blessed I was able to spend the last ten months of my life in North America. I lived in New York City and in Toronto. And in a tent in the Canadian and American Rocky Mountains. It was the trip of my life time, both the city life and the time I spent in the wilderness. I met so many amazing people, saw so many great places, recaptured old friendships and met people again, I got to know years ago. I met people that I knew from my time in Münster, Berlin, Munich, Blacksburg, St. Gallen and my previous visits to New York City. I had old friends visiting me, and me visiting old friends.

I lived with an Irish gay couple, a British lesbian couple, a granny from Brooklyn, a Hong Kong Chinese, a Canadian Chinese and an Indian. And with all kinds of animals. I slept in the fucked up kitchen of a run down place in midtown New York and in a three bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side, overlooking Central Park. I slept on a boat and in a penthouse suit in Las Vegas. I had my hair cut by a Russian, a Vietnamese, an Italian and a Puerto Rican.

I had Cheese Burgers with Swiss cheese, with blue cheese, with cheddar cheese, with American cheese and with cheese sauce. I had curly fries, wedges, baked potatoes, spicy fries, regular fries, sweet potatoe fries, mashed potatoes with and without bacon, natural fries and country fries. I ate food from about 35 countries, and it is tough to name the best. It would have been 36, if Johannes managed to find that Ethopian restaurant on the lower East Side again, that he was talking about for weeks.

I had dinner for one dollar, and for 250 dollar. And everything in between. I spent unbelievably much and unbelievably little on drinks. I saw five China Towns. I saw Greek Town, Russia Town, Korea Town, Little Italy and Italy Town, Polish Town and Vietnamese Town. And had food in most of them.

I visited the states of New York, New Jersey, Ontario, California, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Alaska, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

I worked with people from New Zealand and New Jersey. With people from Russia, France, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, Singapour, Japan, Thailand, Canada, USA, India, Hong Kong, Pakistan and China. And I spent countless hours commuting in subways, streetcars, trains, plains, busses and cars.

I took about 200 gigabytes of photos.

It is great to be back in Europe.

Welcome 2009

Successfully spent New Years Eve with my sisters and brothers. We have a new dog: Yaska von Remingten.

Snow everywhere. Cant… fight… my way to… the library…. have to stay in bed….