Cricket in Toronto

Arrived in Toronto two weeks ago. Started with a Winter Intensive Term – which was pretty intense. At least more intense than chilling in a NYC penthouse.

Living in a 4 ppl dorm apartment on campus. So far: Library, snow, sushi. Oh and papers and presentations, and wearing a suit and tie to class, and group works and.. shit, they call it uni. Well, guess I need to get used to it. Met my Indian room mate last Friday, he took me to a Rotman School of Management Cricket game, beating the Computer Science college. In your face undergrads! ;)

More Toronto related pictures soon.


[flv: 700 390]


Scheisse bin ich heiss auf Amiland. Diesmal definitiv auch Westküste. Football, light beer, wings night. Welcome 2 LA.

Auszug St. Gallen

Seit Samstag bin ich nicht mehr Bewohner der Gatterstraße 1b in St. Gallen. Der meiste Stuff war schon in Tübingen – noch 2 Wochen Deutschland. Damit ist das Studium in der Schweiz schon vorbei.

Analog zu Münster vor zwei Jahren :-).

[flv: 700 526]